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       Tongling Baoyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specializing in water treatment flocculant. The company integrates scientific research and development, production and sales. The company is located in Jincheng Industrial Park, Tongling City, with beautiful environment and convenient transportation. Tongling Baoyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has a strong strength, with an annual output of 200000 tons of polymerized ferric sulfate (liquid), 50000 tons of solid and 50000 tons of ferrous sulfate monohydrate. The company's R & D and production of PFS has excellent performance, reasonable price, best-selling consumer market, and enjoys a high position among consumers....


Products —— Integrate ingenuity and responsibility

We should strive for the emotional, standardized, characteristic, perfect, value-added, differentiated and...


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Strong strength and excellent technology

Strong strength and excellent technology

The polymerized ferric sulfate factory has advanced production process and production technology, and has many years of experience in the production, sales and processing of sewage treatment equipment and environmental protection equipment.

Variety and reliable quality

Variety and reliable quality

Polyferric sulfate factory has many production lines, according to customer requirements can customize the production of various specifications of products, so as to meet the needs of different users, all products after multiple inspection, stable and reliable quality!

Profit giving users

Profit giving users

After years of price adjustment and optimization, solid and liquid PFS have good performance price ratio; PFS manufacturers sell directly without any intermediate links, saving money for you; products are complete, meeting your purchasing needs.

application area

application area

PFS manufacturers have covered the whole East China, and are widely used in urban industrial wastewater treatment, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, papermaking, electric power, tanning and other related fields

Excellent quality of professional team

Excellent quality of professional team

Polymerized ferric sulfate manufacturers have strong strength, highly skilled and productive production team, excellent product quality and excellent business philosophy, which are widely praised by users.

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Why does water turn red after using solid polyferric sulfate

Solid polymeric ferric sulfate has good coagulation and sedimentation effect and decolorization effect in various wastewater. After the hydrolysis of PFS, the p...


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